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Some important points about push-switches 0

.M1- Please do not touch the varnished screws (especially Allen screws that regulate the performance).

Because any manipulation of these screws will cause the performance curve considered in the production line of that switch model to be disturbed.1

Otherwise you will be responsible for the operation of the switch.1

M2-Before turning on the gas burner with blower, you must make sure that all the parts of the burner motor (alternator and its accessories) as well as its fan assembly are in balance.1.

Otherwise your torch will vibrate while working; And depending on its intensity, this vibration will eventually cause the switch to malfunction.1

l It should be noted that this is especially a little more pressing on the switches; It happens much faster, like the model switch GW 3 A 4  (gas burner air switch)

Continuation of this condition can cause micro-switch contacts to be mottled. And in this case; The other switch has failed.0

0 « Some of the causes of vibration during operation of a gas-fired torch »

.M1- Loosen one or more parts of the burner motor (alternator) and its connections (especially vacuum parts).

Including: bearings – shafts – complete set of duct fan – fan blades .0

.M2- Breaking and removing part of a moving piece.

.M3- Asymmetric clogging (dust deposition) on the main deviated part, ie duct fan: in such a way that (usually it also happens) the half fan that is towards the air inlet relative to the other half Has committed more crime.

In fact, in two cases (number two and number three) in terms of disruption of the “symmetry of distribution in a set with rotational motion”, which is a necessary condition for balance; The set will limp in a circular motion and the generated vibration will be the cause of this. 0

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