Mahar Mashal Sabz Engineering Company was founded in 1996 to manufacture gas and air pressure switches for home as well as industrial applications.


Our products are satisfying ISIRI 12863:2011, EN 1854:2006, and BS EN 13611:2000 standards for gas burners and gas burning applications.

The above collection has many applications in petrochemical industries – thermal and refrigeration industries – laboratory and hospital industries – industrial filtration (types of industrial dust collectors)

In particular, it is the mechanization of many industries for the production of raw materials, construction materials, etc., but according to one of the major uses of the above set in gas burners and multi-burners, industrial as well as household blowers.

As a controller of the appropriate and optimal mixing rate of gas and air for healthy combustion; Our company, by introducing the above collection to the quality control groups of GAS-BURNER factories and

Follow up on suggested items during the standard testing process, and

A serious focus on increasing product quality was ultimately able to succeed as a supplier and, in the case of some companies, all of the high-pressure switch products they consume.




Technical advice 1

Some important points about push-switches 0 .M1- Please do not touch the varnished screws (especially Allen screws that regulate the…

Safety Tips – Chimney

Gas appliances, like other similar appliances, need air to be properly lit and burned. Gas burners, especially heaters and water…

Some applications

The most accurate control lever in Surgical suctions Filtration controller in All non-electrostatic filters Automatic laminar flow hoods Microbiology hoods…

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